Red Thread International

Red Thread International is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission to use "Fashion as a Forum" to connect and empower creatives to spread hope.  Our goal is to create the opportunity for manufacturers, designers & consumers to become a part of a global movement. Thread is the very livelihood and foundation of a garment manufacturer.  For one, Red Thread creates an opportunity to give back to the community in what they do best: create clothing.  For the consumer, it means transforming a purchase for oneself into an act of giving.  

All proceeds of Red Thread sales are directed to develop and assist local or international missions and charities that are working to aid poverty, improve living conditions, fight social injustices, care for orphans, treat and cure illnesses, and most importantly to give hope to the lives that are encountered through our projects.

Through donated merchandise from manufacturers & collaborative pieces with local designers, Red Thread seeks to create shop-for-a-cause where consumers can use their purchasing power to make a difference. We want to utilize the existing motions of the fashion industry by directing efforts towards a lasting cause.